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    Microgrids represent a powerful development to drive resilience and reliability for power supply.

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    Environment, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) is the top mission in energy today.

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National Interests

Efforts to Designate the Houston Ship Channel a National Security Issue (52 miles and over 300 companies- Harris County Security District)

Resiliant Microgrid Development

Align with Federal Infrastructure Legislation first with Texas and then expand nationside.

Analysis and monitoring of operational data

Providing improved Risk Reduction (IT and OT) through better technologies positively impacting Insurance Rates (ORCA Insured)



Generation Power has the support of local, statewide, and national government representatives.

Generation Power is a Texas LLC formed to provide a quickly profitable, microgrid to the Houston Ship Channel, and to then serves as a model for US “national security” asset resilient power supply at other ship channels, nationally important facilities and to accelerate the optimal decarbonization of energy supply.



Emil Peña

A Vision for Secure Power

Insights into Federal Infrastructure Legislation and a focus on the increased U.S. Dept of Energy and Dept of Homeland Security Budget

Leadership roles
  • International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS)
  • International Pipeline Resiliency Organization (IPRO)

The world today is an electrified world. Without cybersecurity, pipelines are shutdown, power is gone, and our way of life is hacked. It is imperative that the future is not held ransom, that we take measures now to protect our way of life. A comprehensive approach involving public and private interests will be that secure future.


Solar energy and the surrounding rice field

Asset monitoring

Factory plant and energy industry concept. Oil, gas and petrochemical refinery factory. power and energy business

Automated grid modes

Generator in urban rooftop garden

Automatic backup generators

Modern smart grid residential digital power supply meter, tv cable and internet connection box mounted on blue exterior wooden wall

Generation offset and balancing


Reserve management


Peak shaving

Power plant at night

State-of-charge management

Charging battery of an electric car in city. Closup of cable.

Load and generation forecasting

CO2 carbon dioxide pollution sign. Emissions smog cloud symbol on blue cloudy sky background. Planet climate change, global warming concept. 3d illustration

Environmental indices

Project - Houston Ship Channel Power Reliability

Texas microgrids will serve the national and local interests with reliable, renewable power.

For those clients with “excess capacity” a market to produce (“prosumers”) and supply power to others in the microgrid and to consume when their demand requires – monetizing capacity and idle assets